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The Contour ThreadLift™

A Thread lift is an exciting nonincisional lift that has been evolving over the last four years.  Now, the Contour Threads have obtained FDA approval of their safety and efficacy (proof that they work).  This is the only FDA approved barbed suture.

Unlike its predecessors, the The Contour ThreadLift™ technique involves fixation and lift. 

General information: A thread lift is a noninvasive office procedure performed under a local anesthetic designed to elevate, reposition, and lift lax skin of the brow, cheek, jowls, and neck without surgery.  Candidates include all of those individuals with aging signs of the brow, face, and neck.  Ideal candidates have modest level of sagging, which will be most responsive to this technique. 

Those would include three candidate groups:
A. The patients not ready for lifting surgery, (browlift, facelift, or neck lift).
B. The patients who had surgery with good result with only a slight residual recurrence (not patients who had surgery with minimal results who essentially still need total facial rejuvenation).
C. The patients who don’t want surgery or are not medically acceptable candidates for surgery and accept the limits of this nonincisional lift.

Like any medical procedure, the thread lift is associated with risks, benefits, and costs.  In a personal consultation or office informational educational presentation, Your plastic surgeon will review the alternatives, risks, potential complications, and benefits so that you can truly make an appropriate decision regarding whether or not the Contour Thread lift is right for you.

The ideal result of a Contour Thread lift is a modest temporary improvement.

The Concept is to achieve the best result/lift obtainable with out surgery/knife (surgery results are still going to produce more effect and a greater longevity.)

This approach lifts, albeit modestly and temporarily (three to four years).  Unlike Botox (which produces muscle weakening) or Restylane (a filler where volume is needed). These other modalities are still very effective and complementary to the lifting effect of the Contour Thread lift.

  1. A “mini lift” that does not “burn bridges” or limit future options (unlike many other so called mini lifts.)
  2. A follow up procedure for those with a successful facelift years ago who wish to enhance their results without a “total redo.”
  3. An option for those either medically not fit for surgery or simply not wanting to undergo surgery.

In short, this approach is for those who don’t need surgery, want to touch up prior surgery, or don’t want or can’t have surgery.

Details: The thread lift employs new nonsurgical threads and sutures to restore youthful vitality to the face.  It works by holding tiny threads inserted under the skin of the droopy portions of the brow, cheek, jowl, or neck.  These fine threads are the same sutures that would be used to support the deeper structure of the face if you were doing a more definitive surgical facelift.  Using a local anesthetic (freezing), threads are passed into the droopy facial areas with a special guide needle.  The threads are able to grab onto the droopy soft tissue of the brow, cheek, jowl, and neck.  This procedure is done without a knife, scars, or prolonged recovery.  The threads stay where they are inserted and like all internal sutures are generally well tolerated by the body.

The distinct effects of the Contour Thread lift on the brow, cheek, jowls, and neck are immediate.  Research shows that, given realistic expectations, well over 90% of patients report satisfying lift results.  The thread lift lasts several years and can be repeated.  Other approaches including Botox (muscle weakening to relieve wrinkles), Restylane (fillers for areas that lack adequate soft tissue and if greater troughs), and topical chemical peels can be very complimentary to this approach and are not mutual to exclusive.

Recovery: Thread lift has minimal downtime.  You can wash and apply makeup lightly and make necessary errands the next day with some expressive, facial animation and dietary limitations. However, because of moderate swelling and puckering, one would ideally have up to a week of light activity, and minimal social commitments you can return to.  Your face certainly may feel quite swollen and tight for several days after the procedure and there may be slight redness for that period of time as well.  You can return to 90% of activities within a week and full activity including maximum exercising can be anticipated within three weeks. 

The Contour Thread lift appears to be effective anywhere from two to four years, at which point second procedure may be performed again if desired or a more definitive surgery may be appropriate at that time.  Each procedure takes approximately one hour to complete depending on the areas to be treated and the patients typically will go home approximately one hour after the procedure.

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